Still Unsure About Bitcoin? Don't Be!

Do you want to buy Cryptocurrency but not sure where to start?

I’ve been using a simple method to purchase Bitcoin.. and best of all its really EASY and SAFE to buy, sell, and store digital currency.

There are many different kinds of Cryptocurrencies that you can invest in. The top 2 are Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are both completely decentralized currencies which means there is no 'middle man' as such in normal bank transfers. So in other words, it is way cheaper to send large amounts of money via cryptocurrency directly to your recipient rather than a bank wire transfer which can be expensive. You can use Smart Contracts with Cryptocurrency as well. Smart contracts enable users to send Cryptocurrency to a recipient on a certain date ahead of time. Ex: Send Billy $300 on 2/2/2025.

Also, one of piece of advice is as of July 12, 2020 the avg Annual Percentage Rate for a USD savings bank account is 0.15%. There are several Cryptocurrencies that offer a 4-6% APR. One of the most popular is Tezos (XTZ) all of which you can easily access from the Coinbase app.

How To Buy Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies:

I'm going to show you exactly what you need to do to get started investing into Cryptocurrency.

The first thing you need to do is create a Cryptocurrency wallet to store your Bitcoin securely. This is a really easy step.

I recommend the Coinbase Exchange. They are definitely the best Crypto exchange for U.S. citizens. Depositing and withdrawing your funds to your Coinbase wallet literally takes less than a minute. You can do this all safely and easily Coinbase app on your phone. (You can search your app store to download it)

To trade your Cryptocurrency you will want to download Coinbase Pro.

You will need a picture of your drivers license to verify your Coinbase wallet and you will need a Debit card and/or Bank account if you want to invest (preferably PNC bank, which is the bank I use)

Coinbase has 3 levels of account security. You will want your account to be at level 3 and you can do that simply by following the instructions in your Coinbase account once you log in.

Sign up now for your Coinbase wallet through and get $10 in Bitcoin for free.